Researcher Team
Molly BletzJames Madison University, Amphibian microbial ecologist 
 Reid Harris, James Madison University, Amphibian microbial ecologist
Falitiana Rabemananjara, Coordinator of Chytrid Emergency Cell
Che Weldon, North-west University
Devin Edmonds, Association Mitsinjo
Franco Andreone, Amphibian Specialist Group- Madagascar
Nirhy Rabibisoa,  Amphibian Specialist Group- Madagascar
Vatosoa Rabemananjara, Veterinary Sciences Student
Andolalao Rakotoarison, Animal Biology Student
University of Antananarivo
Ministry of Environment and Forest, DGF, DVRN, DCBSAP
Madagascar National Parks

for general information about amphibian conservation in Madagascar: 

A Conservation Strategy for Amphibians in Madagascar